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Information Needed to Purchase Visitor Insurance

The best way to purchase a visitor insurance plan that suits you is to compare and understand what different plans offer and how they are useful to you as a person. Each person has different requirements based on the purpose of their trip, their age, the nature of their trip and the amount they could spend in buying a plan. No matter which plan a traveler chooses, there are certain benefits every plan offers. When you set out to buy a plan, whether online or through an agent, make sure you have handy, all the information that may be needed. You may be buying it for yourself or for family. Continue reading to know what all you need to purchase a visitor insurance plan:

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage in Visitor Insurance

What if a visitor meets an accident during travel and it results in death or severe injuries to eyes or limbs? Visitor insurance provides coverage for death and permanent loss of sight and limbs. Visitor’s death and accidental dismemberment is covered by AD&D coverage within visitor insurance. Accidental Dismemberment means a sudden, unintentional and unexpected occurrence caused solely by external, visible means and resulting in complete severance from the body of one or more Limbs or eyes and not contributed to by Illness or disease.

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