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Not to be missed Before- and After-Travel Checklist

The holiday plan is ready to be set in action. The excitement to meet loved ones is in the air.  For the trip to go without any hiccups, travelers should take care of certain things before and after the travel. Refer to the checklist provided in this blog post to organize your travel:

Before You Travel-Checklist

Start your packing with making a list that lists all important things to be taken care of or tasks to be finished before traveling.

Visitor Health Insurance for parents with and without pre-existing condition

For parents visiting USA, MCIS highly recommends purchase of visitor insurance to safeguard them against medical emergencies. Being insured helps in ensuring peace of mind both for the parents as well as their hosts i.e. children.

Before making the purchase of visitor insurance, there are two important questions especially when parents are the one taking the trip (or any elderly traveler):

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