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Understanding Visitors Insurance

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Visitor Insurance for One & All

Visitor insurance is an medical insurance that covers any new illness or injury happening during travel outside home country. Whether you are traveling for business or you are an international student, or you are just visiting friends & family, visitors insurance takes care of you during unforeseen medical emergencies.

Are you a Business Visitor to USA?

As a business traveler on B1 Visa, Your needs for Business travel insurance are different than regular travelers that help you choose a insurance plan fitting your purpose of travel. Let not undesirable medical events or other travel mishaps bother you or your work that much!

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Are you an International Student in USA?

International student insurance helps you as a student in a new country for your medical Insurance needs. In USA, most of the universities and colleges have a mandatory requirement of Student Insurance. Learn about how International Student insurance specially meant for students in USA is of great benefit to you!

Parents Visiting USA?

Parents planning to visit you in USA! Are you nervous about their health condition? Will they be able to best manage their baggage or if their connecting flight will not be missed? Safeguard your parents from travel and health mishaps today! Talk to MCIS to find the best visitors insurance plan for parents that covers pre existing conditions.

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Worried about Pre-Existing Conditions?

Do you suffer from pre-existing conditions? Existing medical conditions can be a subject of worry for many USA Visitors. However, there are many visitor insurance plans that cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions. These visitor insurance plans are ideal for visitors or parents visiting USA. Read more about how visitor insurance plans can provide coverage for their acute onset.

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How to Buy Visitor Insurance for USA

Visitor insurance is a short-term health insurance covering new sickness and new injuries that may happen during a trip. Irrespective of the purpose of trip, business or leisure, visitor insurance is necessary (though not mandatory for entering any country including USA). It provides benefits in times of medical emergencies, and therefore, MCIS, one of the largest brokers of visitor insurance in USA, highly recommends purchasing it. In this article, MCIS from its customer experience would like to share some basic but very useful information about visitor insurance.

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